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There are many trainers out there and unfortunately in an unregulated industry, anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. Using an unqualified, inexperienced trainer who uses out dated training methods can cause significant problems in the future. Superhounds offers both qualifications and experience. 
I am proud to be a full, professional member of the APDT (No. 01250) and the IMDT (No. 8013), the Pet Professional Guild and Cert. TPTD having completed the Waggawuffins Instructors course gaining 93% distinction, so you can rest assured you and your dog are in safe hands. 
I keep up to date with on going CPD and training from worldwide experts in dog behaviour such as Grisha Stewart (my dogs and I are featured in Grishas "Ahimsa Dog Training Manual"), Chirag Patel, Prof Daniel Mills, Ken Ramirez, Marlene De Martini, Karen Pryor, Kay Laurence, Jo Rosie Haffenden and Jane Ardern to name a few. I am also co-founder of The Canine Revolution - mind, body and well being for your dog. 
I am vet recommended, professional, reputable and highly qualified, I work to strict ethical standards and adhere to a code of practice both with the APDT and IMDT so you can have confidence that you and your dogs are given the best chance for success. 
Diane Kasperowicz - APDT 01250, IMDT 8013, PPG, Cert. TPTD 
Dog Trainer and Behaviour Counsellor 
Co-Author of "Beyond The Bowl" Book 
The Agility Club Instructors Course 
Passed as an Approved Agility Instructor 
IMDTB Psychopharmacology 
August 2016 
Waggawuffins Canine College Instructors Course 
Passed with distinction (93%)  
July 2016 
IMDTB Consultation and Follow Up 
3rd, 4th March 2016 
Step Up To The Mark Platform Training 
3rd, 4th Feb 2016 
FORWARD Symposium 
Injury Prevention for the Canine Athlete - Noel Fitzpatrick, Chris Zink 
31st Jan 2016 
Self Control and Focus – Pauline Jackson 
15th, 16th Jan 2016 
The Real Dog Yoga Instructors Course (4 days) 
Dec 2015 Passed with distinction - 95% 
Clicker Expo – 3 Days of Workshops and Seminars 
Oct 2015 
WAG IT Games Weekend – Pauline Jackson 
Oct 2015 
IMDT 6 Day Advanced Training and Behaviour Course 2015 
29th Sept – 4th Oct 2015 
IMDTB Separation Anxiety Seminar 
July 2015 
Ken Ramirez Training from Core to Complex 
6th, 7th June 2015 
Calm Agility – Winkie Spiers 
June 2015 
IMDT 4 Day Practical Instructor Course 
28th – 31st Jan 2015 
IMDT Happy Recallers Course 
11th Dec 2014 
The Human Half of Dog Training – Rise Van Fleet 
15th, 16th Nov 2014 
Clicker Expo – 3 days of workshops and seminars 
October 2014 
Posture Vs Behaviour – Sarah Fisher 
20th Sept 2014 
IMDT @ Day Career as a Dog Trainer 
13th, 14th Sept 2014 
Puppy Instructors Course – Chirag Patel 
20th – 25th Aug 2014 
Force Free Trick Trainers Course (1 week) 
August 2014 
Loose Leash Walking – Daniella Cardillo 
25th, 26th July 2014 
Both Ends of The Lead – Janet Finlay, TTouch 
19th, 20th July 2014 
Grumpy Dogs Workshop – Nando Brown 
5th July 2014 
Scent Workshop – Nando Brown 
6th July 2014 
International Bite Conference – 2 days of seminars on bite prevention. 
31st May 2014 
4 Day Canine Nutrition Course, Writtle College 
May 2014 
Dog – Dog Aggression Webinar – Chirag Patel 
17th April 2014 
The Holistic Hound – Winkie Spiers 
9th April 2014 
Happy Healthy Hounds - Jodie White 
3rd March 2014 
Expanding Your Force Free Tool Kit – Chirag Patel 
11th Jan 2014 
Dog – Dog Aggression Workshop – Denise Nuttall 
Sat 19th Oct 2013 
Recall And Chase Workshops Levels 1, 2 and 3 
September 2013 
BAT for Puppies through Adult Dogs. 
Prevention and Rehabilitation of Aggression - Grisha Stewart 
2nd, 3rd June 2012 
Dog Agression Behaviour Training, Communication, Management and Training – Geert De Bolster 
22nd May 2012 
APBC Annual Conference 
Harnessing The Power of The Dogs Nose 
3rd March 2012 
Neutering is Not So Neutral – Nick Thomson 
25th Feb 2012 
UKRCB Symposium 
Considering A New Approach to Educating Puppies - Helen Zulch 
25th Sept 2011 
Beginners Guide to Canine Massage Therapy 
Canine Massage Therapy Centre 
22nd Jan 2011 
Ideas for Teaching Dogs in Class – Sheila Harper 
24th, 25th Oct 2010 
Agility Instructors Course. Training For Trainers - Kim Hunt 
Aug – Sept 2010 
BIPDT Residential Dog Training Course 
Achieved Grade 2 Certification 
June 2010 
Fearful Fido, Run Away Rover and Howling Workshop - Pets in Practice 
9th June 2010 
EFR Canine First Responder Instructors Course 
April 2010 
Relationship and Motivation Workshop - Pets In Practice 
17th March 2010 
The Dog Owners Club, Dog Training Instructors Course 
March – May 2010 
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