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Dog - Dog Aggression is more commpon than you think and can be mild to extreme. From a dog that simply shys away from other dogs to dogs that are extremely reactive and lunge and bark at the sight of another dog - our Dog - Dog Behaviour Sessions aim to help both you and your dog. 
Over the course of our 3 hour session, we will look at the causes so we can work on resolving the issue. 
We will show you how to successfully muzzle train your dog (for safety) and then develop a behaviour modification plan to change your dogs association and emotional response to dogs.  
We will go through many holistic treatments which may also assist your dog and put together a stress reduction programme designed around you, your dog and your lifestyle. 
You dont have to walk your dog early in the morning and late at night, constantly planning your walks to avoid other dogs, we will show you how to successfully manage your dog so you get to enjoy going for walks again. 
For extreme cases which may need more specialist help, we will refer you to a clinical behaviourist. 

Initial Session £250  

Follow Up £60 

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