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Platform training is a brilliant way of teaching body awareness as well as reinforcing basic obedience positions such as heel, close, infront and behind. 
Platform Training was first developed by US Trainer Michele Pouliet and it has become very popular over the last year.  
Dogs love being up on platforms and it not only builds precision but also builds confidence in dogs. The idea is that we teach our dogs basic positions whilst standing on a raised platform and then by adding the number of platforms, we can start to manoevre dogs into different positions.  
Dogs of all ages can take part and its a great opportunity to have fun whilst still continuing your training which you tehn take outside into the 'real world' 


Clinic Location:  
The Welsh Chapel, 30 Beauchamp Road, Clapham SW11 1PQ 
Day/Time: Coming Soon 
Great for all round fitness 

Mental and Physical Stimulation 

Teach Basic to Complex Behaviours 

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