Parkour for dogs

Parkour for dogs, also known as “urban agility” or “dog parkour,” is a physical activity that involves dogs navigating and interacting with various obstacles in an urban or natural environment, such as walls, stairs, railings, and benches.

The goal of dog parkour is to encourage dogs to use their natural instincts and physical abilities to navigate their surroundings, improve their confidence, and strengthen their bond with their owners.

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Once you start dog parkour you will soon realise it can become quite addictive as it is so much fun for you and your dog.

Even a boring street walk can become a parkour adventure you may never look at a wall or tree stump in quite the same way!

It can encourage you and your dog to explore new and exciting walks you wouldn’t normally think of and can tailor it to both your physical needs, in fact, dogs of any age can participate from puppies through to old age

It can help improve confidence in younger dogs by exploring different textures and surfaces.

Anxious and reactive dogs have seen many benefits of changing a dog’s emotional response to their environment and with older dogs it can be a wonderful way of them keeping their physical condition while also keeping their brain agile too.

Another wonderful benefit is that you don’t need to buy any equipment as you utilise the natural environment or use things you may have at home.

Our 5-week course takes place at:

Fircroft Primary School, Fircroft Road, Tooting SW17 7PP

Saturdays at 1 PM (classes are 1 hour long)

£185 for our 5-week course

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