Mind, body and wellbeing for your best friend.

Enriching their mind

Nourishing their body

Caring for their wellbeing.

We all want our dogs to lead happy, healthy lives and with our health and wellbeing overhaul sessions, we explore how we can give your dog a training superboost and reach optimum health.

With the addition of herbs and essential oils, dietary choices and complementary therapies, you can improve your dogs mental and physical wellbeing.

Keeping our pets physically and mentally active with appropriate stimulation and exercise means healthspan increases lifespan.

Our Healthy Dog package really gives you the best way to enhance your dogs life. As a qualified practitioner and dog trainer we help you make small changes to have the maximum impact to keep your dog happy and healthy. With the added benefit of Aromatherapy for Dogs your dog will be able to self-select oils and herbs for his/her own wellbeing.

Our sessions are suitable for any age and any breed – this is what just one owner has said:


“Louis had been suffering with yeast infections in his floppy ears on and off, for most of his life.

We turned to Diane for help and guidance and she suggested a series of Zoopharmacognosy sessions where Louis would choose the essential oils that he needed.

The first session was a revelation! Louis sniffed different oils and chose the ones for yeast infection, stress and pain.

It was incredible to watch! He lay down in front of the essential oils he needed, and tilted the bottle of a couple that he needed the most, to take in a deeper breath.

Even from the first session we noticed a change in him, he was calmer and in less discomfort. Further sessions eased his symptoms.

With Diane’s guidance we also planted a herb garden for Louis on our little terrace as an addition to his sniffing menu.

We never thought that the change in our dog would be so profound for his general health and well-being as well as addressing the specific issue.

We would recommend this alternative treatment for every dog even if there are no visible or tangible health problems.

On an additional note our place smells wonderful with Louis’s essential oils!
Thank you Diane!!!!”

– Eva & Jeremy on behalf of Louis

Our service is NOT a substitute for veterinary advice, that is always the recommended first call however we work with other professionals to help you establish better health choices and to understand your dog both physically and emotionally.

With the addition of complementary therapies such as Herbal Choices, Applied Zoopharmacognosy, Bach Remedies, Dietary Revision and Exercise plans, we can create a healthcare programme for your dog.

Our Healthy Dog Package is just £297 and includes:

  • 3 x in person sessions as above
    Essential oils for you to keep offering to your dog
  • Bach flowers remedies recommendations for your dog
  • A complete dietary plan with exclusive discounts
  • A realistic exercise plan for optimum health

The first session involves and indepth overhaul of your dogs’ diet, exercise and mental wellbeing along with looking at their day to day routines.

The second session is using Applied Zoopharmacognosy (Aromatherapy for dogs) to enable your dog to select herbs and oils to enrich their mind and nourish their body.

The third session is to review the programme and make any adjustments.

Book it now, your dog will thank you for it!

Super Hounds Client Review

“I just wanted to get in touch to give you an update about Betsy.

She is doing well – thanks to your help and guidance, and some new meds from the vet to address the symptoms of dementia. She has calmed down a lot, is having fewer broken nights’ sleep and is enjoying the games you suggested to stimulate her. She has adjusted really well to being blind and generally seems to be much happier.

She is enjoying her walks now and we are acting on your advice to take her to new places to explore.

The herbal essences you provided (chosen by Betsy!) did definitely have a calming effect.

Thank you so much for your advice”

Is it time to give your dog a holistic health refresh?

Beyond the Bowl – Canine Enrichment for your dog.

Diane is co-author of the book on Canine Enrichment.

Produced in conjunction with KONG toys.

Beyond the bowl is the first in a series of books to support you, and your pet dog in this hectic, modern world.

To help our dogs cope in our world we have to find the right balance between physical exercise, mental stimulation and calmness, which Beyond the Bowl covers in depth.

Beautifully combined with over 50 recipes for stuffing into your interactive toys.

The invaluable information in this book will help you to add fun and engagement, build connections and enrichment, for a healthier and happier dog and pet family home in an easy to digest way.

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