Pre – Puppy

Whether you have already chosen your puppy or whether you are in the initial stages, we can help you start your journey with sound advice to make your life easier. 

We will help you prepare for your puppy to make the settling in period less stressful for everyone.

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If you are looking at getting a puppy we can advise on suitable breeds for your lifestyle, we look in depth at exercise and energy levels, what to expect both from a puppy and as an adult dog. 

If you have already chosen your puppy and are looking forward to bringing him/her home, we can advise on nutrition, how to settle your puppy, puppy proofing your home, what to expect for the first few weeks, toilet training, sleeping arrangements and how to build a strong bond to give you and your support in the first few weeks.

The session takes place in your own home and lasts 1-2 hours.

Pre Puppy Session: £96 incl VAT


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Super Hounds Client Review

“Superhounds Pre Puppy session was invaluable  – as first time dog owners, not only did Diane help us to puppy proof our home, she also helped us to prepare for the journey home with our puppy and gave us guidance on how to ensure our puppy settled in really well especially in the crucial first few nights.

If you’ve never had a dog before, we would highly recommend this session”

– Anna, Josh & Bailey

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