121 Puppy Training Surrey and SW London

Our 121 Puppy Training Surrey and SW London is a personalised 5 week course designed around you and your puppy, the first session takes place in your own home to establish your requirements, expectations and most importantly to meet you and your puppy 

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We prefer to do this in your home environment where your dog is relaxed and happy. We will discuss all your training needs and formulate a plan to ensure you achieve success with your puppy. 

We cover all aspects of training including basic obedience, toilet training, crate training, mouthing/biting, super fast recall, heel work, walking nicely on a loose lead and any other issues you may be having.

We can show you how to increase the bond with your dog and teach your dog some new tricks along the way. 

We look at enrichment and how to keep your dog mentally stimulated and also how you can keep your puppy occupied and happy.

We want you to have a well behaved dog you can take anywhere – and I’m sure you do too!

Our individually designed Five Week Puppy Programme is £450

Super Hounds Client Review

“Wonderfully talented people, devoted to their work and highly professional. Lovely as well. We would have been completely lost without Diane’s and her colleagues’ support.

Can’t recommend them highly enough.”

– Gerry Isherwood

Do you have questions or want to chat to Diane?

You can book our services by filling out the forms on each page, however we understand that you may have questions or want to ask us which service would suit you.