Scent weekends workshops!

Saturday 4th September – Mantrailing with Elliot Connor 10am – 4pm £95

Sunday 5th September – Scent Detection with Elliot Connor 10am – 4pm £95

About Elliot

Elliot trained in scent specific/mantrailing with Search & Rescue for 4 years and has his instructors certification with Scent Imprint For Dogs in Holland

Scent Imprint have trained and worked dogs all over the world in detection and tracking from explosives and narcotics to wildlife conservation. Elliot uses their methods because dogs learn quickly and accurately and above all enjoy themselves.

Elliot is also an accredited detection/scentwork instructor for K9 Brain Training and a Detection Dog Trials judge. Everything he teaches is suitable for just about any dog including reactive ones as there is only ever 1 dog working at a time.

You will find that your bond with your dog will become stronger and you will understand the dogs body language better.

Elliot takes the best parts of tracking, trailing and detection to enable the dog to find their target in the fastest and most direct way.

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What is Mantrailing?

Mantrailing is when a dog uses his nose to find a person, because they are missing or maybe just for fun.

Each person has a unique scent, made up of all the debris that falls off our body as we go about day-to-day life. It might contain your skin cells, sweat, hormones and bacteria.

As we move our scent billows from us and moves around with the air before settling and sticking in the environment.

We give the dog an article, contaminated with the scent of the person to sniff. Then our dogs can follow these trails of scent to locate that specific person.

This life saving skill is used by search and rescue, police and military forces across the world.

However, Mantrailing is not just for use by professionals, but is also a great activity for anyone who wants to spend quality time with their dog.

It’s just fabulous fun that uses the dogs own natural ability and brings people and dogs working together a team.

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What is Scent Detection?

Scent detection identify a target scent against a complex, shifting background of odours Canine olfaction surpasses human: dogs can detect parts per trillion. Even with our limited sense of olfaction, humans can detect scents at a distance, such as smoke of a fire burning in a room down the hall or breakfast from another floor. Dogs smell much farther away.

It is fantastic thing to do with your dog, helping balance their metal wellbeing. Bringing person and dog working together as a team.

Which will massively help your relationship with your dog.

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