Separation Anxiety

Leaving your dog can be hard. We understand. And we can help YOU resolve any separation related issues.
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Separation Anxiety can be a devastating and debilitating issue to see. Post Pandemic we are seeing a huge rise in dogs who struggle to be left due to the fact that we’ve all been working from home for so long or there has always been someone around….

Don’t struggle, thinking you must leave your dog howling and eventually they’ll learn to cope… They won’t. And neither will you.

There is a much better way and we work with you to help your dog cope with being left alone for short periods. It’s much easier than you think!

With all of our behaviour work, we aim to get to the root cause of the problem and don’t just treat the symptoms.

Every dog is different and is treated as an individual, our tailored packages offer the best value and continued support for you and your dog.

Whatever the issue, we come with experience and qualifications to ensure we make a difference to you and your dog.

Our Separation Anxiety package is a 5 week programme. The first session is conducted at your home followed by 4 more sessions either at your home or via Zoom to check your progress.

For extreme cases, we will refer you to a Clinical Behaviourist but 98% of cases can be resolved easily with our 5 week programme.

Β£750 incl VAT

Super Hounds Client Review

I stumbled upon Diane’s business on FB. My 4 year old dog had acquired some behavioural issues which two other dog behaviourists failed to address.

I’m so pleased I trusted my instincts by not giving up on my baby. Diane helped in such a big way that we are eternally grateful.

She has brought our Bruno back to us! Bruno has become more sociable with us and our guests, happier and he’s even begun to play with other dogs he sees on walks, something he has not done in the two years since we put him in doggy daycare πŸ™Β 

He still has issues and I don’t expect miracles. It’s a working progress but we are now armed with the knowledge to manage the situation.

Many many thanks to Diane and Superhounds!”

– Ros Pattwell

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