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What better way to set you and your puppy up for success! Our classes are based on Positive Reinforcement based training methods. As Qualified Trainers we understand the importance of having experienced knowledgeable people on hand to give you the best advice based on scientifically proven methods of training. 
Throughout our six week course we cover: 
Posture Training – Sit, Down, Stand 
Not Jumping Up 
Loose Lead Walking 
Sensitive Phases and timelines 
Focus and Attention On Cue 
Settle on a Mat 
Handling and Grooming Skills 
Hand Targeting and Stationing 
Not Jumping Up 
Puppy Mouthing/Biting 
Socially Appropriate Behaviour 
Age Appropriate Exercise 
Here at Superhounds we fundamentally believe that the key to successful training is the use of positive reinforcement. This gives your dog: 
The ability to say ‘No’ or ‘I need a break’ 
Have a conversation you both understand 

SIX WEEK COURSE - £130.00 

Includes a fabulous goody bag for use throughout the course 
Course Location:  
Raynes Park 
Day/Time: Coming Soon 
Next Course starts: Register Interest by filling out a booking form 
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