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Golden Oldies 

We all get to that time of life where we slow down a bit. Caring for your elderly dog means that we have to understand various conditions as well as the general ageing process. 
Caring for an elderly dog can be frustrating and upsetting. During our 2 hour talk, we cover: 
What is ageing in dogs 
What happens during the ageing process and can we slow it down? 
Common conditions such as arthritis, dementia, tumours 
Age appropriate exercise 
Mental stimualtion to keep your dogs brain happy 
How a good diet can help 
Supplements and drugs 
How to prepare for the final journey 
So often we concentrate on teaching young puppies, we forget that we are all going to get old and our elderly dogs sometimes need our help too. Behaviour changes are common in elderly dogs and by understanding whats going on, we can help and support them. 

2 HOUR WORKSHOP - £20  Venue: Clapham and Wimbledon   Sign up to register your interest 

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