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This is one of the most complaints we hear.... 
Dogs have a naturally longer gait than ours and sometimes their motivation to get to places, people, lamp posts can mean that we get pulled over, dragged or end up getting frustrated when walking our dogs. 
Our LLW Workshop will give you a variety of methods to try to offer a solution. We start to build the foundations of a dog that walks nicely on lead whilst also having the freedom to be a dog. 
Traditionally old school trainers used force to make a dog walk next to you– the use of choke chains, leash jerks was all to common place many years ago – these not only damaged the relationship between dog and handler but also caused physical pain to the dog. 
Thankfully modern dog training is based on scientific research along with a greater understanding of the canine mind which allows us to train in a much kinder way, using the dogs own desires to achieve quicker results and also to build and strengthen that bond you worked so hard to build up when you got your dog. 

2 HOUR WORKSHOP - £45  Next Workshop: Tbc  Venue: Tbc   Sign up to register your interest 

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