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A reliable recall is one of the most important things you can teach your dog, especially in London. With busy roads, lots of distractions and a high volume of other dogs in most parks, as owners we have to work hard to ensure our dog comes back to us when we call for it. 
We've all been there... Repeatedly called for our dog whilst they happily play with other dogs, chase birds/squirrels, appear to completely ignore us, choosing to join a family picnic in the summer rather than come back for one of our tasty morsels... Its not only frustrating but very stressful... 
A reliable recall can get your dog out of dangerous situations as well as allowing you to let your dog roam free so you can relax and have a stress free walk. 
We use fun, positive and motivational ways to build the value in ALWAYS coming back to you. 
We touch on the theory of WHY dogs can develop that Selective hearing and how to identify and overcome those big distractions. 

2 HOUR WORKSHOP - £45  Next Workshop: Tbc  Venue: Tbc  Sign up to register your interest 

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