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Lots of dogs become stressed when going to the vets, this is for a variety of reasons. We show you how you can reduce your dogs stress and give you techniques to help your dog cope better.  
In our fantastic talk we look at: 
The Effects of Stress on the body 
Recognising stress signals 
The canine pain scale 
Teach handling techniques to offer support 
Teach behaviours to allow easier handling 
Explain the bucket game and how it can help 
Demonstrate the benefits of mat training and taking it into the veterinary consulting room 
Discuss home veterinary care 
Preventing bad experiences 
Dont wait for your dog to have a bad experience, we are all about prevention! Know what to do if it does happen. 

2 HOUR TALK - £20  Next Talk: Tbc  Venue: Clapham and Wimbledon   Sign up to register your interest 

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