Adult 121 Dog Training

One off 121 training sessions are designed to cater for the individual needs and expectations of both you and your dog, offering positive reward-based training that you and your dog will love.

Whether you want to give your training a superboost or if you have got an adult dog that needs some extra training, we can improve things. Pulling on the lead and recall issues are often owners main frustrations. And relatively easy to fix!

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Recall Issues?

Does your dog ‘go deaf’ when you call him/her?

Do they like to run off and play with every dog they see?

Do they love to chase squirrels and ignore you completely?

Yep, we hear you! We want to make recall training fun and easy and with our 121 sessions we can show you just how easy it is to have your dog come back when you call them.

Does your dog pull on the lead?

Walking nicely on lead is one of the most common things we get called to resolve and we have a super easy method to teach your dog to walk nicely.

No yanking, no stopping and waiting just a dog that walks beautifully next to you! Who doesn’t want that?!

Want to train your dog to be a THERAPY DOG?

We can do that too! Over the years we have worked with over 20 dogs who have gone on to pass their therapy training assessments so we know what you’ll need to work on.


Want to know how to stop your dog barking at the door? Or in the garden? Is he barking at you for attention? You’d be barking mad not to have a session with Diane! If you want to restore harmony to your home get in touch today.

Our individually designed one hour sessions are
£96 (incl VAT)

Super Hounds Client Review

Diane from Superhounds helped me train my Staffy Neo, and he has turned out to be the most polite, obedient dog ever!!”

– Jason Kidman

Do you have questions or want to chat to Diane?

You can book our services by filling out the forms on each page, however we understand that you may have questions or want to ask us which service would suit you.