Mantrailing is a fantastic dog sport that allows everyday pet owners to practice search and rescue skills.

We are so excited to be able to bring you our fantastic Mantrailing workshops and classes.

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You and your dog will be working as a team utilizing your dog’s incredible nose to hunt down a missing person based on their scent!

Mantrailling is a great low impact sport, gives your dog a mental and physical workout, helps build your relationship with your dog and you both take part in a fun and social activity.

One of the many amazing things about this sport is it is fully accessible to all people and dogs, regardless of age, breed or disability. This includes dogs with confidence and reactivity issues, as dogs are always worked one at a time.

Once you’ve completed our introductory workshop, you’ll be able to join our weekly mantrailing sessions. For further information on the sessions, please contact us.

Introductory Workshop – 5 hours – £96

Introductory Workshop – 5 hours – £96

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