Older Dog Consultation

As our dogs age they may require less physical activity but still have active brains. We look at supporting brain function whilst also adding in appropriate exercise to enhance the health of your golden oldie.

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We have a gorgeous 15 year old boy who is in heart failure and has cushings disease so we know how degenerative conditions can affect your dog. Mobility may be affected as well as developing medical conditions which may alter their needs. We work with you and your dog along with your vet where necessary to improve your dogs daily routine.

We will look at increasing mental stimulation to keep their brain active whilst also giving you super easy games to play at home or in the park.

Each session is an hour long.

We can also help and support you in their last adventure. We will look at all the options available to ensure you have the best care, right up to the end.

£96 Incl VAT

The Comfort Couch Facebook Group

Our group is for owners of older dogs supporting them in their twilight years and preparing for their final adventure. The group is a non judgmental, caring environment.

Super Hounds Client Review

“Diane is an amazing trainer, so helpful and knowledgeable on all aspects of training, diet and behaviour.

She’s my go to person for any advice or training I’ve ever needed with my two rescue dogs. Would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.”

– Mel Manser

Do you have questions or want to chat to Diane?

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